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Skin So Thin It's Translucent - My Opinion

Hoo Boy!  I am probably going to catch some flack from my er...fellow...er...ladies over this post!  Over on [info]brendanpodger 's journal he made a post about Realms of Fantasy and some word usage that was made.  Apparently the editor used the terms "girls" and "ladies" that had some feminists screaming their lungs out that it was sexist.  Then when the poor fellow tried to make an apology, he chose to use the term "ruffled some feathers".  I agree with Brendan, at this point, no matter what this gentleman said, he was going to be just wrong.

Okay, I didn't read the article, just what was posted on Brendan's journal, but here goes:  To start with, the only thing I found wrong about the use of the word "girls" is that it really didn't sound professional.  That is all.  End of story.  When you come down to it, there is a double standard when it comes to using "girls".  How many women get together and say "alright, girls, what are we going to do next?" or something to that effect?  But let a man say it OH MY GOD!!!!  That is WRONG, mister!
Now there was absolutely nothing wrong with using the word ladies.  Not. A, Damned. Thing, Wrong.  I would much rather be called a lady than some other terms that come to mind when I was reading about the reaction to the article.  Oh yeah, you know exactly what term I was talking about... ahem.

Now, nothing he said ruffled my feathers.  Nor did it get my goat, make me as mad as a wet hen, or got my panties in a bunch.  And no, I am not yanking your chain about that, either.  Those were nothing more than figures of speech.  Anybody who took that as meaning much more than that needs to loosen up a bit.  We all use those sort of idioms without even thinking about it, so why on earth should anybody get offended over somebody else using them?

I guess what I am saying is that perhaps I may not be considered a feminist, but I do happen to see myself as a human being that happens to be of the female persuasion.  I am so tired of everybody trying to be politically correct for fear of ticking off one group or another.  We are what we are and that is that.  We are all members of the human race, regardless of colour, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.  There is a huge difference between being politically correct and being polite.  I choose to be polite, or at least I try to in any given situation.  

But for heaven's sake, I can't believe the sort of uproar this sort of thing creates and I do think it is about time for people to relax a bit.  There are far more important things to worry and rant about than sombody calling a female a "chick" or (eep!) a "girl."   

Alright, I am finished with my own rant ladies and gentlemen.  I've got my suit of armour on, flame away if you must.  I will always stand up for what I believe in and what I feel is right so there is nothing that anybody can say that is going to make me hide under the covers. 


I do suggest checking source material before you comment by can't really find anything wrong with what you say. The double standard question is one to ponder and one I was thinking of pontificating on later- If I dare!
I knew that I probably should have done more than just go off of what you had on your blog, but this is certianly a subject that will have my hackles up and claws out. But for the most part the lighten up message I am trying to get across goes for anybody. I hate it when someone either gets offended by something that really shouldn't have been taken seriously just as much as I hate hearing that (in example) so and so is a horrid person just because he is a man. That goes for any other example as well. There are good and bad people in every group. Just because a real stinker did something unacceptable doesn't mean that whole group is bad.
Thank God you typed this up Amethyst or I would have done it on Brandans LJ for you :P

I'm only 19, and no doubt innocent and naive but I for one HATE this obsession with political correctness that is a sign of our day and age.

I have read the posts in question and I didn't even consider them to be offensive words until I read the comments. Now in the context of a professional magazine, using the word "girls" could be insulting I give you, but "ladies?" In my humble opinion that's just needless nit picking for the sake of it. However, I can see why certain people might again be offended so ok fair enough the editor changed the post to be more politically correct, but then people still arn't satisifed?
The term "ruffled some feathers" is a colloquial term that means "got some people annoyed/upset" and does NOT AT ALL mean that the person using it is a sexist pig.
This just reminds me of other online fights I've seen. People are never happy with apologies, they always want CRUCIFY CRUCIFY.
Now, I'm a feminist. I believe in equality between man and woman. but I also believe that this ridiculous political correctnes must stop.
Sorry if my opinion is harsh, but It's actually one of my pet hates.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am soooo glad you responded! You seem to be one who would agree that all that pc garbage really needs to be dropped. There is nothing wrong in believing in equality. That is pretty much what my response is about and I am forever going on and on about it.

What is making this situation so ugly is that someone who I was told is a normally wonderful person _is_ indeed making a mountain out of a molehill and is getting far too upset over truly, nothing. The bad part is, she doesn't think so and she has a whole group of people backing her up. To me, this really does smack of small mindedness and being rather uptight. We can't be like that because what we would have is one group of people afraid to say anything and another group of people always angry at the world. Nobody wants to walk on eggshells.

Also no need to apologise for your opinion over here. You are entitled to it and it just so happens I agree with you. :) (for the record, even if I didn't agree with you, you shouldn't still need to apologise for what you believe.)
As I posted over on Brendan's LJ, which I am now backing away from because I am being attacked by the person you mention in your post, "If we all fought fire with fire, the whole world would go up in smoke."- Lemony Snicket.

Furthermore, why is a radical feminist's opinion more worthing of attention than another's. If a female had written about an all male issue and had said "Now gentleman..." Would anyone have been offended :/

and on top of that, groups of people claiming words is ridiculous to me. It's ridiculous. "I own this meaning as this," while the rest of the universe sees it as another thing.
How in the world are people meant to know word connotations for the entire english language, whilst also remembering the insults rendered to all of the different people in the world
Exactly! In fact, I do believe that even Brendan had mentioned that there is a complete double standard going on as well as I have in my own journal. It is all in the way we perceive things and how much we want to take what is said to heart.

I am right now thinking about where I work, which is a grocery store. There is all sorts of innuendos and jokes that go on all because of the things we work with. It's a good thing I can take things into stride and not be bothered by them because I could have ran screaming "sexual harassment" more than once and on a daily basis. I know that the jokes are completely harmless, and well, why not laugh and go right along with it? It is all in the way you take things and besides, it isn't worth it getting somebody who is actually innocent into trouble.

Now I know that this is a bit different than what we are seeing on Brendan's journal, but the reactions are in a way still the same. I don't believe in my heart of hearts that when the person who did the write up originally had full intentions of ticking off a whole group of people. If I were him, I'd be feeling quite threatened myself. Sometimes people say things without thinking and it's up to us to realise that it really was a harmless comment.

One question I had to ask in a private conversation was are we going to have to invent new words and terms for the genders because the ones such as "lady" is all of a sudden offensive? What happened to the term being a polite way to address a person who is female? It's just baffling what people find offensive and why.
I would just like to thank you both for your support. When the subject turns into something highly charged as this did, it can be rough and as I told AD, I didn't want anyone else in the firing line. But knowing there are people who saw what I was trying to say and agreed with my argument helps.

To an extent JG was the bravest though coming over to 'my' turf to respond. She may have back up on her journal but on mine she was alone(Kit keeping the moral high ground and not taking sides)
You are most welcome for the support, but keep in mind you have it because I believe you are right in this particular situation and not just because we are friends.

I would be just as quick to tell you I think you are wrong about something, but I believe that I could do it in a non-threatening manner and not attack you. I would also give you clear reason why I thought you were wrong then give you the opportunity to tell me why you thought you were right. This sort of thing is called being open minded.

I also would expect no less of you for me. If ever I said anything that you believed was wrong I would expect you to tell me so in a way that wasn't threatening.

Now as far as what you said and how you said it, you were on your own personal journal. You have every right in the world to state what you want in any way that you want. We have LJ accounts to express our own opinion and if we choose to express it for the world to see, that is our prerogative. It is truly a shame that GJ was already agitated and felt like she was being put in a corner. Perhaps if she would have allowed herself to cool off before commenting a lot of that ugliness we saw on your journal wouldn't have happened. She felt threatened and did what anybody who was threatened would do and came out with fists flying. It makes a big difference to read things in a more calmer mood.

Now I can't say that when I posted my initial entry that I wasn't aggravated, but I did have the common sense to stop writing my very heated comment on your journal then take a little time to cool off before posting on my own. Yes, my own post was still a bit heated, but it wasn't near as firey as my original comment was going to be. I think that if I would have allowed myself to do so, there really would have been an all out war between myself and someone I really don't even know.

And thank the gods for the neutral comments from Kit and Camille-is-here. They were able to put a few things in perspective and give some good reasons why certain terms were considered offensive without really taking sides. My hat's off to them.
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